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Mazin’s Platform

Financial Management & Sustainability:

☑ Utilize my investment background and financial experience to safeguard the finances of Ward 10 and Mississauga as a whole
☑ Review and continuously improve the efficiency of internal processes
☑ Work with other levels of government to get additional funding with regards to infrastructure
☑ Ensure tax dollars are being put towards transit improvments, infrastructure, technology investments and other key initatives such as the environment, arts, culture, etc
☑ Ensure transparency on the part of the Business Plan and Budget as well as the Budget Outlook
☑ Work to keep property tax below the rate of inflation


Arts & Culture:

☑ Bolster the Meadowvale Theatre in order to increase the number of attendees for various music, dance, drama, comedy and musical events
☑ Engage in partnerships such as The Friends of the Museums to promote and strengthen the museums and enhance community awareness through promotion, participation and fundraising
☑ Support the maintenance and introduction of a multitude of festivals tailoring to the various segments of Mississauga’s Ward 10
☑ Support the Creative Industries Strategy to expand the film & television, music and interactive digital media industries of Mississauga
☑ Work to partner with artists in residence to provide the site-specific, hands-on artworks to give Ward 10 a distinct and specific identity
☑ Increase access and affordability of performing arts programs and creative camps for young children

Efficient Transportation: 

☑ Work to facilitate the expansion of the LRT (Light Rapid Transit) lines across Hurontario and beyond to improve access to public transportation and ease the gridlock 
☑ Work to facilitate the expansion of the BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) from the east to the west of Mississauga (along Highway 403) to also improve access to public transportation and ease the gridlock 
☑ Work to improve the coordination between MiWay and TTC to facilitate improved traffic flow 
☑ Help facilitate the Cycling Master Plan, through which Mississauga has set out to develop more than 900 kilometres of on and off-road cycling routes in the next 20 years.
☑ Help in facilitating a City-wide pedestrian strategy to support walking
☑ Labour to decrease the public transit fare for trips that are less than 10 km, children, students and senior citizens 

Recreational Activities & Facilities: 

☑ Develop a long-term plan to build and fund new and renewed multi-use recreation facilities to meet the future needs of Ward 10 residents 
☑ Ensure that all residents of Ward 10 are afforded access to recreational facilities and activities, no matter the income level 


Strong, Safe & Sustainable Communities:

☑ Step up enforcement against gangs and drug traffickers
☑ Address property crime and violent crime to make sure there is an evident decrease in crime rate-work in conjunction with other levels of government and community stakeholders to provide in affordable housing in safe neighbourhoods
☑ Work to allocate more land for the purpose of affordable housing, build new units owned by the city and repair the ones already in existence-bolster existing land and water stewardships, to protect the environment and ensure sustainability
☑ Work to improve the existing emission standard of greenhouse gases in the pollutants so that we can preserve the environment.



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Contact Information

Phone: 647-977-6666


Ward 10 Boundaries

St. Lawrence & Hudson Railway from Centreline of Hwy 407  to Tenth Line, Tenth Line south to Britannia Road, Britannia Road east to Winston  Churchill Boulevard, Winston Churchill Boulevard south to Eglinton Avenue, Eglinton Avenue west to Centreline of Hwy 407, Centreline of Hwy 407 north to the St. Lawrence & Hudson Railway.

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