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Why am I Running For City Council?

Having been a resident of Ward 10 for the past decade, I have been witness to Mississauga’s recent unprecented expansion and urbanization. Though Mississauga’s expansion is beneficial at the present, it brings about numerous challenges and difficulties in the future. 
Rather than be demoralized by the changes brought about by the expansion of Mississauga, I believe that this election presents the community with a chance to revolutionize, to change the status quo and to build a stronger tomorrow for Mississauga’s Ward 10. With regards to this election, it is the future of Ward 10 and Mississauga which is at stake. My platform, building a stronger tomorrow, is positioning the groundwork for a sustainable and vibrant future Mississauga.
With my immense experience with municipal, provincial and federal levels of government coupled with the experience in the private sector, I am incredibly committed to building a stronger tomorrow for Mississauga’s Ward 10 by bettering the financial system, cultural and entertainment district, transportation system, recreation as well as creating a strong, safe & sustainable Ward 10. This election presents the residents of Ward 10 with a choice. Mississaugians can either accept the challenges of the status quo or they can choose to go forwards and build the Mississauga of tomorrow. By choosing Mazin Al-Ezzi, you will be choosing to build a stronger tomorrow for yourselves and generations to come
Mazin Al-Ezzi
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Contact Information

Phone: 647-977-6666


Ward 10 Boundaries

St. Lawrence & Hudson Railway from Centreline of Hwy 407  to Tenth Line, Tenth Line south to Britannia Road, Britannia Road east to Winston  Churchill Boulevard, Winston Churchill Boulevard south to Eglinton Avenue, Eglinton Avenue west to Centreline of Hwy 407, Centreline of Hwy 407 north to the St. Lawrence & Hudson Railway.

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